Data As A Service


Data as a Service

  • Data-as-a-Service allows your organization to remain focused on your clients
  • Our Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform brings near real time operational data needs of your company
  • DaaS platform is designed to bring Customer, Product, Financial and Sales data and analytics at your fingertips, thereby reducing overheads and time spent on data gathering and reporting
  • DaaS also fulfills the Compliance and Regulatory requirements of your organization
Blockchain As A Service

Few of our Blockchain Products and Solutions offered as Blockchain as a Service

  • HiTrack: An agriculture traceability platform on Blockchain with embedded IoT and AI helps you track every stage of agriculture produce. IoT brings the Soil and Weather conditions to enable AI to predict right parameters for improving Crop Yield
  • University Academic Certifications: An Ethereum based blockchain solution for University to issue academic certificates through the system. These certificates include the Semester and Year grades, Unit Test grades and any Assignments which are scored separately. The end objective is to have an immersive student experience
  • University Coin: This project is aimed to increase Student Engagement in both on-line and classrooms, and hence the overall student experience at the University. A virtual coin issued through a Rewards scheme for excellence in Academic scores, Attendance, Timely assignment submissions, Special courses undertaken or niche skills attained
  • Supply Chain Finance platform: This platform allows buyers and supplier ecosystems to join the platform and experience a seamless, paperless journey from Purchase to Payments. Enjoy the in-built AI built to read documents and compare for any discrepancies as early warnings and to minimize additional costs of paperwork or disruption and delays on the shipments
Blockchain As A Service

Few of our Blockchain Products and Solutions offered as Blockchain as a Service

  • Decentralized Exchange: We will take you through the entire ICO / STO journey and create a Decentralized Exchange platform, leveraging our experience of running this exchange in production for nearly 2 years and our experiences with other clients.
  • Digital Organization: Creating a Digital twin of a Physical Organization on blockchain along with a Virtual Currency for the purposes of knowing the People and their responsibilities as well as undertaking procedural activities which need traceability and immutability like Digital Asset transfers and Voting.
  • Parts Traceability and Warranty Management: Trace the supplier parts through the supply chain cycle to ensure genuine parts only reach the customers and fake or counterfeit parts are prevented to creep into the supply chain. Also rebuild your Warranty Management for Equipment to optimize your Warranty Costs by about 10% while increasing your outreach to the end consumers to on-sell and up-sell by 15 to 20%.
Blockchain As A Service

Few of our Blockchain Products and Solutions offered as Blockchain as a Service

  • Audit and Compliance Solution: Ethereum based blockchain solution for Internal and External Audit to be performed virtually and for addressing the flaws in today’s Audit and Compliance processes. It seals the issues around potential changes made to the submissions to suit the RFI’s (Request for Information) to draw a different result
  • Insurance Claims Management System: Fraudulent claims have been the biggest issue in the Insurance Industry. Insurance Claims are being regulated in some countries. A common regulator would validate all the claims arising through any Insurance agency and payments are made through the Regulator. Jumpstart to build a blockchain based Claims system. This helps you to define authorized agents in the ecosystem and prevent fraudulent claims, be it Health Insurance or Motor Vehicle Insurance.
  • B2B Licensing: Create a digital experience for all Businesses to renew their certifications on a blockchain platform. All new businesses will apply for certification through the blockchain system and are issued a Digital record of the business license. Use this system to expand to other agencies for a complete Digital Records Management be it Land Records, Citizen Records, Voting, Vehicle Registration